Burst Your Travel Bubble

Burst Your Travel Bubble

We wanted something more than a bucket list.


Instead, we made a list of experiences that would somehow change us, help us grow, or get us out of our comfort zone. The list is not as simple as:

   1) Go to Germany and 1) Go to Germany

   2) Sky dive in New Zealand and 2) Sky dive in New Zealand

but more complex like: 

   3) Go to a bar and drink with the locals. 


Sounds simple. And odd. While many of the things on the list are, the third goal requires us to push ourselves to talk to people we don’t know, to reach out and make a connection, which is better than simply completing the act of stepping inside a country or doing an activity. Hopefully, most of it just happens naturally, but there are certain bubbles that we all travel with. Some people can’t stay at a hotel with less than 4 stars. Some travellers just cannot eat the local food. Staying in your own travel bubble is comfortable. There are tons of excuses not to push yourself: “We only have a week, I just want to relax, I won’t try it because it looks weird.”  But on a trip like this we want to burst ours. Our bubble is starting off quite small but it’s only going to get bigger as we keep finding things that will challenge us (Like when we picked up hitchhikers in Iceland – pop!) I want and expect to be put in uncomfortable situations. It is only through these kind of experiences and how you deal with them, will you grow. We’re going to start with the little things (and fun ones) and we’ll keep adding to this list as we go! Hopefully each one we complete will bring a new story. The best part of travel is getting to do things you normally wouldn’t do so let’s get poppin’!


Pick up hitchhikers

Dawid & Yuesta, Poland: Dubrovnik to Split, Croatia 09.29

Connect with friends (new or old) somewhere around the world

Issaaf - Porto, Portugal 08.12

Manish - Munich, Germany 09.10

Laura - Munich, Germany 09.23

Jessica - Vienna, Austria 08.29 & 09.12

Honeymooners Kim & Jason - Dubrovnik, Croatia 09.26

Jessica & Bekir - Marmaris, Turkey 10.16

Experience a cultural festival

Wiesn/Oktoberfest - Munich, Germany 09.10 - 0.9.24

Loi Krathong / Yi Peng Lantern Festival - Chiang Mai, Thailand 11.12 - 11.15

Get a haircut in a foreign country

Mike - Belgrade, Serbia 08.28

Mike - Prague, Czech Republic 09.15

Mike - Penang, Malaysia 11.02

Watch a movie in the theatre

Suicide Squad - Coimbra, Portugal 08.10

Share a tuk-tuk with strangers

Sintra, Portugal 07.19

Chiang Mai, Thailand 11.12

Take portraits of local people (and not from far away)

Serbia 08.22

Be invited by locals to go out

Sara & Daniel - Coimbra, Portugal 08.18

Mehtap & Mehsut - Munich, Germany 09.18

Furkan - Nevshehir, Turkey 10.20

Learn to cook with only readily available ingredients

Istanbul, Turkey 10.09

Still Floating Around…

Get invited into a stranger's home (without it being creepy)

Visit someone we've met while travelling in their home country

Get a haircut in a foreign country (Vicki)

Get lost in a town/city (No researching the best places to see, eat)

Talk to the locals

Let life dictate where we go next

Eat as much authentic food as possible

Party together

Pick up tagalog

Not know where we are going to sleep for the night

Eat something without knowing what it is

Couchsurf and/or pet sit

Stay in an unusual place (so far: Cave and Treehouse)

Let us know: What experience would burst your travel bubble?



Vicki Li

Always up for an adventure, I travel with an open mind and am ready to discover the world.