Our Packing List (1.0)

Ok, so we’re really excited for our trip (as you can tell) that we couldn’t wait to try and pack these things as soon as we bought our travel backpacks. We’ve purchased a few things from Aliexpress (and don’t get me started on the few ridiculous things that Vicki had ordered :P) one of them are 2 sets of packing cubes. Mind you, they were really cheap for 3 (small, medium and large) cubes and 3 sleeves (again, small, medium and large). We have 2 sets of each but the way Vicki had packed, she ended up using the MEC travel light packing cubes. For our dry run of packing, we managed to pack everything and each have space for a small packing cube – great for any purchases on the road.


With the exception of the water bottle and flannel shirt, everything fit but we will do some editing to see what would make more sense and be more efficient in packing. Who knows, we might end up trading in our bags for larger ones halfway through the trip. 😛


Stay tuned!

2x shorts
1x tights (doubles as pj’s)
1x outdoor pant
1x jean
2x tank tops
3x tees
2x lightweight long sleeve shirts
2x dresses
7x lightweight underwear
5x socks
1x long-sleeve baselayer top

Outdoor Gear
1x bathing suit
1x packable down jacket
1x rain jacket
1x neck tube
1x flip-flop
1x hiking shoe
1x flat
1x packable day bag
1x packable purse

Makeup Bag
1x mascara
1x foundation
1x eye liner
1x face cream

1x Sony a6000
1x 32gb SD card
1x battery charger

1x hairbrush
1x diva cup
1x cell phone
1x sunglasses
1x passport & document holder
4x packing cubes

2x convertible pants
1x shorts
1x denim
1x chino
2x dry-fit tees
2x printed tee
1x flannel shirt
1x “going out” shirt
2x short sleeve
7x lightweight underwear
5x socks
1x baselayer top
1x baselayer bottom

Outdoor Gear
1x packable down jacket
1x rain jacket
1x neck tube
1x casual shoes
1x hiking shoes
1x flip-flop
1x swim trunks

1x 6-port usb charger
5x various usb cables
1x headlamp
1x battery charger

1x pair of earplugs
1x steripen
1x water purifier bottle
1x replacement filter
1x first-aid kit
1x sunglasses
1x mosquito repellant
1x mosquito net (double)

1x toothbrush
1x razor
1x hair product

f-stop kenti backpack
nikon d810
nikon 70-200mm f/4g
nikon 14-24mm f/2.8g
nikon 50mm f/1.4d
3x nikon batteries
3x gopro batteries
1x brunton all day battery

sirui travel tripod
3 legged thing ballhead
gopro hero4 black
1x 150mm 10-stop filter
1x 150mm 0.9 grad filter
1x 150mm filter holder
8x 32gb compact flash
2tb wd hard drive
camera cleaning kit

Vicki's bag is all neat and tidy!
Yup, its all in there



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