Iceland 101 – Part 2: Zip Zip Zip!

Best way to see Iceland is by renting a car. Although they have a good network of busses throughout the Island and they even have stops at the local landmark off of Road 1, but the ease and freedom you get with the car is top notch.  Visiting early morning or even sunset (whenever that is during the summer) helps avoid the crazy crowds Iceland has been receiving in the last couple of years. Also, most of the natural attractions are well-marked from the highways and often free. You could stay and go at your own leisure without have to be rushed back to the bus to see the next thing.

Our car rental of choice is through SADCars. They rent out older cars but well maintained and have a good network of shops throughout Iceland incase the unexpected happens (we’ve had no issues especially during our second time in Iceland driving the ring road for 11 days) and we’ve also managed to outfit our entire wedding party with cars from this company.  SADcars is located at the old US Army base 10minutes from Keflavik airport. They have shuttles available to and from the airport for anyone renting. They have this odd offer where you can return the cars without having to fill the tank up first. So if you happen to return it with the gas light on, its all good. Keep in mind that others do it too so your first task after renting is to get gas!

spotting a sad car..

The cars we rented were in good working condition but that the cars had their own little ‘quirks’ and character (simply put), which really gave all of us something to bond over and remember! For example, most of the station wagons had a really tricky hatch knob. You had to turn , wiggle the keys and unlatch it in a certain way for it to open… not so fun when you’re freezing your balls off trying to get something in the trunk.. Like a tent! My car also had a different coloured driver door. Nonetheless, these badboys took us to awesome places in Iceland safely.

Oh just a note: if you ever have a baby with you and are renting from SADcars, they strangely don’t have car seats available on their shuttle. So the annoying thing we had to do was get shuttled to the rental place, drive and get gas, and go back to the airport to load up the mom and baby / toddlers.  Ugh.

Now if you’re not a fan of the older cars, Keflavik Airport and Reykjavik has all the major names in car rentals. I would suggest Sixt Car Rentals. They have a good fleet of cars, and reasonably priced.


Bus Transfers to & from Reykjavik

Flybus tickets can be purchased from the airport terminal. From what we remember, its about $30/pp and takes you directly to the city center (basically, if you get hungry, the famous hotdog stall is right around the corner of the dropoff) It takes about 40min drive from Keflavik to Reykjavik. Some of the busses are also equipped with wifi!



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