One Crazy Taxi Ride

7am: We hopped on a taxi after checking out of our hotel in Seminyak. We’ve done the usual song and dance of negotiating a price to a destination and off we went. We’ve asked the driver to turn off the A/C, we rolled down the window to feel a nice cool breeze and the driver blasted some music. Awesome.


After cruising down a couple of kilometers, the madness started to happen. The driver drove really fast and really close to other cars. Barely skimming by scooters and mopeds, the driver honked to alert the other drivers that he’s on his way. “Move bitch, get out the way” was the only song running through my mind. His hand was out the window, one hand on the steering wheel and occasionally shifting gears by letting go of the wheel. Jimmy was gripping the door handle for a good period of time, texted and immediately braced himself back on the seat. I didn’t read it since I have a hard time reading in a moving vehicle I turned to him and saw his eyes were closed to sleep.


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.25.12 PM


Honk honk! A car almost clipped the passenger side so our taxi squeezes on the right side and glares at the driver. “We’re almost there..” I kept thinking.  Scooters zooming by but this taxi would never let them get in front. I’m usually all for faster ways to reach a destination but this one was something special – to say the least.


“International, yea? Here is good?”


We both nodded wanting to get out. We grabbed our bags from the trunk and gave him money. We handed him $20US as per our initial agreement. He takes it and reverts his words back saying “oh… no, $25.”


“No. Take it.”  and walked away.


Mic Drop.



Michael Gozum

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