Our Own Swimmin’ Hole

Our Own Swimmin’ Hole

Day 2 in Geres and Vicki and I wanted to see the waterfall nearby. We’ve walked around in Ermida and it’s pretty cool. It’s a small town and they are fairly self sustaining. Everyone that lives in the village helps one another and contributes for the well being of the village. Passing through the alleyways, people are quite friendly often saying hello as we pass by.

The hike itself was fairly short and didn’t require too much effort – Just follow the signs to Cascata Rajada. I would say it was about 3km one way and the terrain wasn’t too challenging. The views on the way were stunning: Sweeping vistas overlooking the village in between the valley, large boulders strewn about on the mountain side and ferns that almost cover the trail. Once we arrived, we were greeted only by a few locals – one of them asked us how we found the place. Apparently only a few tourists visit (probably because you’d have to walk to) but mostly locals. He had told us that if we climb up further, there’s a larger pool better to swim in. So up we went.

The waterfall wasn’t really much of a waterfall. It was slightly dried up during this time of year. It was fairly piddly but the pool was great. The water was calm, and clear that you can see some fishes swimming about. They even had those small ones that eat your dead skin (gross, right?) but it was there. Vicki and I had spent some time getting our feet exfoliated.. Best of all, it was free.

It was a great spot to enjoy nature and unwind.




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