5 Months

150 Days on the Road

5 Months

Writing these posts makes us dread the fact that we have less and less time to see everything 🙁 Still, an experience to remember!

Status Update

Currently in: Battambang, Cambodia

Favourite Country: Still Portugal

Countries visited: 11

Number of new beds slept in this month: 10

Best coffee: Thai Coffee (not made with Nescafe and less sweet)

Favourite Travel Food to Date

Som Tam, Khao Soi, Massaman Curry, Thai Iced Tea &
Mango (or Sweet Egg) Sticky Rice

Sour Soup

Random Experience

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Being chased by massage attendants


Parts of Northern Thailand is still genuine and uncorrupted by tourism

There are more temples than just Angkor Wat

This Month's Highlights

Koh Tao, Thailand
Learning to dive (sort of)


Diving, sorta
• Planting a tree at our farmstay in Chiang Dao
• Biking the small circuit of Angkor Wat
• Feeding and bathing elephants
• Ordering + Drinking buckets
• Climbing 1,237 steps at the Tiger Cave Temple
• Learning to cook Thai food
• Making a Krathong
• Releasing a sky lantern




Michael Gozum

I'm a food photographer that wants to eat my way around the world.