6 Months

Where does the time go?

6 Months

Halfway through and have no plans on stopping

Status Update

Currently in: Luang Namtha, Laos

Favourite Country: Laos.

Countries visited: 12

Number of new beds slept in this month: 14

Best coffee: Lao Coffee

Favourite Travel Food to Date


Jungle food
Food made for us using ingredients picked from the jungle –
hard to describe this one. Post coming soon

Nam Khao
Crispy rice balls and sour pork chopped up with herbs, peanuts, coconut etc. and
usually eaten as a (lettuce) wrap

Khao Soi (Lao style)
Not to be confused with Thai Khao Soi

Random Experience

Seeing the same travellers throughout Laos, to the point where you just
have to have dinner/drinks with them.

Eating freshly caught frogs


Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos are not the “same” although many people would suggest it.

Everything closes early in Laos

Laos is amazing.

This Month's Highlights

Luang Namtha
– Trekking for 3 days through remote villages and the jungle
– Learning how to cook in the jungle

Pakse, Bolaven Plateau
– Driving semi-automatic motorbikes
– Visiting Captain Hook (post coming soon)
– Chasing waterfalls

– Experiencing 2 days Lao hospitality after a plate of Bánh cuốn

Luang Prabang
– Helping local students practice their English at Big Brother Mouse
– Learning about rice



• Eating frogs
• Spending the holidays overseas


buying a local piece of clothing – Lao skirt

• Not booking a place to stay in favour of just showing up and looking around

• Eating rattan
• Hiking in the jungle
• Scammed by a tuk-tuk driver
• Bowling in Asia
• Eating ants
• Being in a night bus where you lie flat



Michael Gozum

I'm a food photographer that wants to eat my way around the world.