Why Are We Travelling

Why Are We Travelling

There is no simple answer. It’s a culmination of many things but it really can be summed up in our title, Let Go, Let’s Go. We are letting go of our daily life, of who we are at home, and just going. No plan, no itinerary, it’s a lets see where life takes us, kind of journey.


People always ask us why we are doing this. Like there is something slightly wrong with us. Are we searching for something more? Not sure. No mid-life crisis, no life-changing event, so there was no catalyst there. Are we running away? Probably not. We live a good life and are pretty happy people. After establishing our normalcy, we then get asked, Were you inspired by a friend or blogger? Not really. This was before Instagram made travellers Insta-famous and I had never really known anyone that did this or spoke about it. I had friends that had moved for school or work and I was always fascinated or inspired by that. In North America, we have a very different mentality. You WORK to live and if you’re not working, then what are you doing? Well, what if I don’t want to work for a year, and Mike has to quit his job to do it. There is no trigger here folks, we are just going for it. The weekend, week or month long outings are not just not good enough. Those did not give us life lessons or challenges. They were just getaways. Exactly that. Get-A-Way from a life that has become too stressful and too fast paced.


Honestly, I never thought I would do something like this. My husband and I have weird thing where we just suggest these random ideas to each other, and the other just says, “Why not?” That’s the nice part about finding someone who is willing to try anything. We are so scared to be ourselves sometimes that we bring up random suggestions just for a laugh until someone finally looks at you like you’re not crazy. That it IS possible. That’s how we ended up getting married in Iceland. That’s how this whole RTW year off idea came about. You say, “Ha ha ha, let’s do this.” Someone else responds, “….Why not?” and your whole perspective changes. Then the panic sets in, but it’s the good kind. You try to put up your own mental or personal road blocks as to why you “can’t” do something, but in this case, I couldn’t find any. We kept moving forward always expecting something to come up to stop us, but it never did. So here we go. Let’s do this.



Vicki Li

Always up for an adventure, I travel with an open mind and am ready to discover the world.