A school teacher who always dreamed of teaching in a foreign country, thinking it was her only way to see the world. All she knew about travel was Asian bus tours, road trips, many a time to Disney World and the ONE time she tried to “backpack” which included the biggest suitcase ever. Travel was enjoyable but not a passion. It all changed in Paris. Travel became a true adventure and challenge, filled with new experiences, people, and perspectives. She doesn’t love being infront of the camera but she sure loves being there in the moment. Let’s go!


Memorable Travel Moments

“Picking up a group of hitchhikers in Iceland” (2014)

“Getting married in Iceland” (2015)



Mike’s a Toronto based food photographer formally trained in graphic design – weird right?! When he was young, he perused through maps and atlases figuring out where places were, brushing up on his geography skills. His first big month-long European backpacking trip in 2010 kickstarted his never ending wanderlust into high gear. Constantly planning the where, what time and when, he’s always reminded of one thing: Let go.




Memorable Travel Moments
“Chatting with the local olive trader / private chef in Granada” (2014)
“Arguing with a cab driver outside of our apartment in Paris” (2015)

Neither Vicki or Michael ever knew that they both went to the same high school. They`ve had mutual friends but it wasn’t until one fateful night at Easy – for those that don’t know, Easy was the club where every Asian person (oh and also Manish) from university would go to and P-A-R-T-Y


March 18, 2011


Michael, up to no good at Easy celebrating his birthday, bumped into Sonia at the bar. She bought him a drink and left. Minutes later, she runs back to ask if he was single. He hesitantly said, “Yea, why?” She pulls his arm and drags him across the dancefloor and introduces him to Vicki. They had an awkward 10 minutes of lazily swinging to the beat until Mike decides to break the awkwardness by saying he’ll find her later that night. As the night draws to a close, he – a man with so much game – just said bye.


Days after regretting his lack of courage to ask for her number, Mike had resorted to using his expert sleuthing skills (facebook) and asking Sonia once more for her contact. A month of back-and-forthing took place and finally a date was set up. The rest is history.

For those that may not know, I had proposed to her using a viewmaster (similar to the image on the left) which we “found” by geocaching (online community treasure hunt in short.. learn more about it at while camping in Kirkjufellfoss. The reel was filled with images of places and things we’ve been to but she didn’t have any idea what she was looking at. At the very end of the reel, an image of a person holding a ring appears with the words “will you marry me?” she thought it was cute that someone proposed that way but didn’t click that it was me. She puts it down to discover that I was on one knee with the ring box in my hand.


She said yes.

Our 10 Day Iceland Trip in 4 minutes


Ever since we got together, travel has become a huge part in our relationship. I’ve never really included any small, road trips but probably in future developing this blog, I would like to cover and outline any places we’ve been to in and around Ontario. We’ve had alot of fun visiting wineries and vineyards; camping at the best parks Ontario has to offer; and just those random getaways just you really just need to unwind. We’ll get to it.. someday. =)


We can’t wait to see what this will look like after our gap-year!


  • Burlington, Vermont
  • New York, New York
  • Bergen, Norway
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Reykjavik, Iceland


  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Granada, Spain
  • Zahara dela Sierra, Spain
  • Seville, Spain
  • Marrakech, Morroco
  • Cancun, Mexico


  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Camping around Iceland’s Ring Road + West Fjords
  • Los Angeles, California


  • Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Borganes, Iceland
  • Paris, France
  • St. Remy, France
  • Carpentras, France
  • Saint-Pierre-de-Vassols, France
  • Cassis, France
  • Aix en Provence, France
  • Sisteron, France
  • Arles, France