Paris in Pictures


Random Thoughts.

Paris. It’s a city that’s quickly become something so familiar to us. Similar to visiting NYC, you can easily just go, and shoot-the-shit… and that’s exactly what we did. We barely had any sleep during our week in Iceland… especially doing one last photoshoot and doing a 5hr glacier hike the day before; we were pooped. We’ve wandered around the city without any set itinerary revisiting old places and stumbling upon new ones. There was a great market which had an excellent Moroccan stall and I swear, it took us back to our trip in Morocco: The flavours down to the last grain of cous-cous. It was awesome.



Vicki and I decided to picnic by the Eiffel tower so we went to the nearest Carrefour and picked up some charcuterie, bread and a bottle of rose (even though Vicki was not a fan!) We headed out to garden, and found a nice comfortable spot. A nice evening to people watch and take it all in. We opened up our goodies and realized that the bottle was a cork top (who knew!?) For the most part, rose bottles here in Toronto were always a screw-top so I didn’t think to have a corkscrew with me! I refused to buy it from the random sellers walking around so I ran back to Carrefour only to find out that they were out of stock. Defeated, Vicki kindly asked a man selling the corkscrews (or .. tire bouchon. ha!) to open ours.. with a small tip of course. I poured it in my insulated flask to keep it nice and cool.



As if we haven’t had enough of our guests, we’ve invited people to join us in Paris. Kim, Jason, Eric and Ash to be exact. Eric and Ash’s flight was delayed by 2 days? So our plans of a dinner together were foiled but we still managed to meet up with Kim and Jason… not on time apparently since THEIR watches were out of sync by an hour.



When Eric and Ash finally arrived in Paris, poor Eric came down with the flu! He was a trooper when they came out to meet us! Even though unfit to even eat, he came.